Assignment 3: Animating in Situ: Wheal Dreams

TASK: Make an animation that responds to a place in some way.
Find a particular place or ‘site’ and draw inspiration from it. Make an animation in response to its particular qualities and contexts.
You could use a personal, shared or a public space. The type of space and your approach to it is entirely up to you. You could develop your own ‘landscape animation’ by working directly in and on the space (see further below), or you can respond to the brief by working digitally, drawing attention to the context, history or other aspects of this place.
Once you have chosen your site, do as much research as possible – both visual research and conceptual. Make short animated tests to try out techniques and ideas. Pull together diagrams, writings, rough storyboards and a scratch track.
Place all of these into an animatic and work into this animatic making different drafts as you go along.
Upload your animation, animatic(s) and any other supporting material to your learning log.