Assignment 5: Showing your animations: Walking in Fragments

Your final assignment draws on the work you have produced so far, by producing
a finished animation and considering how you share it for an audience.

To start with, go through your learning log and identify a selection of your
strongest animations to date.
These could be based on ideas, visual qualities, or
any other aspect of animation you value. Reflect on what you think is successful
and capture your selection process in your learning log.
Select one animation, as the starting point for this assignment. It does not necessarily need to be your best animation but the one that offers the most possibilities. You can develop elements of this animation, work on a sequel, adapt it for a new context, extend it, or apply ideas or techniques you have started to develop in a new animation.

This assignment can take the form of a stand-alone animation for an exhibition
or gallery space, as an online animation you can share, an animation submission
to an existing film festival or competition, your own mini-screening, or a proposal
to view your animation in a site specific way. For each of these contexts you will
need to consider how you present your animation to an audience. For example,
by thinking about how you show your work, describe it, promote it, and how you
might gather audience feedback.

You can make this project as real and as ambitious as you like. You may want to
contact galleries, submit your work for film festivals, upload and share your film
online, or set up your own mini-screening. The main thing is to get other people
to view your work. For example, you may want to find ways that you can share
your animation with fellow OCA students.