Zemni Moving Image

‘Zemni’ (Linda Mayoux) is an independent graphic artist, photographer and printmaker based in Cambridge, UK.

Image-making is my way of exploring and experiencing life and discovering new ways of looking at things. Some of my work is political. Some emotionally dark. Other more ‘fun’ work aims to help myself and others ‘look on the bright side of life’.

I work in a range of media and with both still and animated images. The basis is generally photography or sketching and painting in natural media or on my iPad. These images may then be combined and further developed in different printmaking media, digital software or collage. Some of my work is more experimental and abstract, exploring the range of intentional and accidental effects that can be achieved in different media.

About this blog

Zemni Moving Image blog brings together my work, research and thoughts for Open College of the Arts Moving Image 1 module: Animation. Course written by: Jane Cheadle and Matthew White Copyright OCA: 2019.

My work on this course is experimental. It does not aim to produce or present finished pieces – that would require much more time – but to explore a wide range of animation possibilities well outside my comfort zone as part of my own personal artistic and creative development.

This personal development blog complements other blogs for an OCA Visual Communications degree that apply ideas from this blog to more concrete professional bodies of work:

Visual Communications for Development: OCA Visual Research module blog identifying textless animation strategies used by contemporary independent animators that can be used to produce narratives from community drawings about poverty, gender and empowerment from Africa and Asia.

Zemni Illustration: OCA Advanced Practice blog exploring creative processes and workflows in photography, illustration and moving image with bodies of work on UK economic, social and ethical ‘landscapes’ around inequality, tourism, Brexit, ethical consumerism and COVID-19.

Animation and

Assignment 3: Animating in Situ

Available April 2021

Digital Animation and
Visual Culture

Assignment 4: Animated Video Essay

Available May 2021

Screening and exhibitions

Assignment 5: Showing your animations

Available June 2021