E4.1: Compositing I: cinemagraph

TASK: A ‘cinemagraph’ or ‘living photograph’ is the conversion of a live action or
animated scene into a still image with only select moving parts (that loop continuously).
Using basic matte techniques, make a basic cinemagraph.
You will need to shoot a short video, with a locked shot of a movement that loops so that the last frame is the same as the first frame. For example, a tap running or an object that moves from A to B and then to A again. Ideally, you will use Adobe Photoshop to create your cinemagraph as this is an exercise in learning matte/mask techniques. However if you cannot access this, or equivalent software, there are free software and mobile phone apps available such as Lumia Cinemagraph and Cliplets.

Upload your cinemagraph and any research or other experiments to your
learning log.

Here are some helpful tutorials on the creation of cinemagraphs, although there are many more out there to find: