E1.2: Make an animated GIF ‘Boil’

This project asked me to make 8 drawings through tracing over a photograph either with a pencil and lightbox, or digitally. Keeping the lines fast and loose, making new images rather than keeping fidelity to the original. Then to repeat the exercise, experimenting with how tightly or loosely I do the drawing. And with the order of frames. I was then asked to create an animated gif and upload to my blog.

I chose to do this project in Procreate on my iPad to experiment with different drawing styles. I uploaded as an mp4 file because animated gifs do not play in WordPress unless enbedded. I did not want to upload thus preliminary work to vimeo or You Tube.

TASK: A Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) is a file format that supports animated and still images. It is a computer file composed of a series of images (numbering between 2 to several hundred). It is a relatively dated file format (invented in 1987) but still exists today. It allows an animation to loop endlessly and is often used in social media.

Cat Waiting pencil
Cat Waiting subtle moving

Cat Waiting ink line
Cat waiting subtle move
Cat waiting green and brown acrylic