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  • Assignment 2: Seasonal Synaesthesia: Summer 2020

    Assignment 2: Seasonal Synaesthesia: Summer 2020

    TASK: Make a short animated film between 1 and 3 minutes long about a season of the year. Use some of the animation techniques covered thus far in the unit to evoke particular qualities such as temperature, light and atmosphere of winter, spring, autumn or summer. This can be a completely abstract film, or include…

  • E2.11: Setting Rules, animatic

    E2.11: Setting Rules, animatic

    “Serial art is art that adheres to a strict set of rules to determine its composition or to determine a series of compositions…. Some serial artworks are modular and are based on the repetition of a standard unit, like Andy Warhol’s soup cans or Joseph Alber’s coloured squares, while others offer variations on a theme,…