Sound in animation

Nb look at Audition and Bloop Making an Animated Movie.

Do you start with animation and add sound, or start with a sound track and add animation? Going back and forth.

Overview from Bloop animation of using Audition for sound design. Brings the animation into Audition. Has many tracks for sound effects. And master track.
Animation should be seen as film-making where audio is as important as visual information. Even in independent film-making it is important when editing sound to consider camera movement and proximity to the camera as well as the environment in which the sound is occurring. If the sound is the same throughout an animation it sounds fake. But good sound editing can make even low budget animation have great impact.
Howard Wimshurst, an independent animator, describes different ways in which sounds can be obtained for an animation: recording them himself using Audacity and a USB mike and sound libraries.
Quick animation demonstrating use of basic sounds and rhythms.
Foley sound. Shows how different sounds are created to show rain, weather etc. Usually done in a big studio with different objects. Recorded in time to the visuals while watching the film on a big screen.

Foley sound

Sound libraries