Assignment 3: Animating in situ: The Mosquedocumentary, Cambridge

TASK: Make an animation that responds to a place in some way.Find a particular place or ‘site’ and draw inspiration from it. Make an animation in response to its particular qualities and contexts.You could use a personal, shared or a public space. The type of space and your approach to it is entirely up to […]

E3.5/3.7: Garbage Mattes, Basic Compositing and Keyframing

Project 3.7 Ken Burns and keyframing American documentary film-maker Ken Burns is synonymous with an approach to documentaries using still images with a narrated voice-over where images are slow panned and zoomed using an ease-in and ease-out. That is to say, the movement starts smoothly and slowly comes to rest. Apple in fact named their […]

E3.4: Rotoscoping

TASK Find a short piece of found copyright free footage from video sites such as ( ) or use your own footage as the basis of a short rotoscoped animation. The duration of your sequence is up to you. Choose a rotoscoping technique you would like to try such as: using a projector, […]