E3.5/3.7: Sparrowhawk Landing: Garbage Mattes, Basic Compositing and Keyframing

TASK: Exercise 3.5 Garbage Mattes and Basic Compositing Returning to one of the first exercises of this unit, the rotating chair, bring this into your editing software to use as the basis of a compositing exercise. Find a still image from the internet of an animal or object, or photograph your own.Bring this in to […]

E3.4: The Squirrel: Rotoscoping

TASK Find a short piece of found copyright free footage from video sites such as archive.org ( https://archive.org/ ) or use your own footage as the basis of a short rotoscoped animation. The duration of your sequence is up to you. Choose a rotoscoping technique you would like to try such as: using a projector, […]