Assignment 3: Animating in Situ: Wheal Dreams

TASK: Make an animation that responds to a place in some way.Find a particular place or ‘site’ and draw inspiration from it. Make an animation in response to its particular qualities and contexts.You could use a personal, shared or a public space. The type of space and your approach to it is entirely up to […]

E3.6: Document a process: Fishing

Make an animation documenting the different tasks involved in a daily action. Such as baking a cake, cleaning a room, folding the washing etc.Try to work impressionistically to capture the energy of this process and it’s particular qualities (in other words it need not function as an instruction manual).Make use of sound, if you want […]

E3.5/3.7: Garbage Mattes, Basic Compositing and Keyframing

Project 3.7 Ken Burns and keyframing American documentary film-maker Ken Burns is synonymous with an approach to documentaries using still images with a narrated voice-over where images are slow panned and zoomed using an ease-in and ease-out. That is to say, the movement starts smoothly and slowly comes to rest. Apple in fact named their […]

E3.4: Rotoscoping

TASK Find a short piece of found copyright free footage from video sites such as ( ) or use your own footage as the basis of a short rotoscoped animation. The duration of your sequence is up to you. Choose a rotoscoping technique you would like to try such as: using a projector, […]

E3.3: Accumulation, destruction or trace

Visible Animators: Material Accumulation, Erosion and Trace Great care is normally taken to hide the animation process and presence of the animator to avoid distracting from the continuity of the movement. In stop-frame, shots including the shadow of the animator are deleted and re-shot. When the audience notices the presence of the animator through, for […]

E3.2: Gestures: Sparrowhawk

TASK: Choose a simple gesture that you or another subject can perform. For example, a hand movement, pose, or facial expression. Represent the same gesture through static and moving media: for example a photograph or drawing, and moving image or a short animation.Compare the results. Are there different aspects of the gesture that you are […]

E3.1: Animation Light Study

When included in the frame of an animation, natural light highlights thedifference between production time and viewing time. This is most often seenthrough the flicker in time-lapse video. Unlike time-lapse video, animation is notconstrained by strictly set intervals of time between shots. The duration betweeneach shot can be manipulated so that time can be seen […]