Project Type: 5_Screening and exhibitions

  • Assignment 5: Showing your animations: Jabberwock

    Assignment 5: Showing your animations: Jabberwock

    TASKYour final assignment draws on the work you have produced so far, by producinga finished animation and considering how you share it for an audience. To start with, go through your learning log and identify a selection of yourstrongest animations to date. These could be based on ideas, visual qualities, orany other aspect of animation […]

  • E5.2: Video Jockey (VJ)

    Choose a piece of music and take three of the animatics you have produced for this unit and use this as the source material for a short performed projection or screening. This can be done by hand, intervening in the playback of each video with hands, shadows or other means. Or you can use a […]

  • E5.1: Make an optical device

    TASKBuilding on the previous research task, make your own optical device and create a short animation to work with it.If you are less technically minded, an easy starting point would be a flipbook, and the easiest of the devices to make would be a thaumatrope or zoetrope. You can find plenty of tutorials online on […]

  • Assignment 2: Seasonal Synaesthesia: Summer 2020

    Assignment 2: Seasonal Synaesthesia: Summer 2020

    TASK: Make a short animated film between 1 and 3 minutes long about a season of the year. Use some of the animation techniques covered thus far in the unit to evoke particular qualities such as temperature, light and atmosphere of winter, spring, autumn or summer. This can be a completely abstract film, or include […]