3_Animation and Non-Fiction In Process

Research 3.1: Evaluating Rotoscoping

Look at a range of animations that use rotoscoping as a technique and compare the results.
As a starting point, view the animation links below and use Vimeo or other online sources to find other examples of animations that appear to have used the rotoscoping technique.
Choose examples to analyse and express your opinion of their use of
rotoscoping. How has each animation used copying/rotoscoping and to what effect? Is it always effective as a technique and are there any pitfalls?

Elizabeth Hobbes, Finding My Way (2014)

Dee Hibbert-Jones and Nomi Talisman, Last Day of Freedom (2015)

Tommy Pallotta, Snack and Drink (1999)

Elizabeth Hobbs & K T Tunstall, Layman, Shaman, Dreamin (2010)

Jane Cheadle & Cobi Labuscagne, Swimmer (2005)