Category: 3_Animation and Non-Fiction

  • Ng’endo Mukii

    Documentary mixed media

  • Research 3.3: Landscape animators

    Ataru Sakagami, A Place to Name (2015) Jane Aaron, Set In Motion (1987) Jane Aaron, Traveling Light (1985) Jane Cheadle, Sharks (2008) Anne Harild, Tobacna Mesto (2017)

  • Research 3.2: Animated documentaries

    Watch some animated documentaries and consider the relationship between image and voice-over and the creative decisions the animator has made to help reinforce messages or meanings within the pieces.Write short reflections for two animations with accompanying screenshots,making comparisons between the two. As a starting point watch the animated documentaries below, or find your own examples:…

  • Research 3.1: Evaluating Rotoscoping

    ‘Rotoscoping’ is the process of frame-by-frame tracing of recorded movements of actual humans or events. The technique was developed in 1915 by animator Max Fleisher who used this technique as a way to create a seemingly more ‘realistic’ (or photorealistic) style of movement. Disney and other studios used this technique as one way of enhancing…

  • Documentary animation

  • Lisa Pau

    MFA Experimental Animation California Institute of the Arts available for work inquiries –

  • Jerzy Kucia

    Scriptwriter, artistic director, animated film director, artist, producer and university teacher. He was born on 14 January in Sołtysy near Wieluń. He earned his degree from the Painting and Graphic Arts Department of Krakow Academy of Fine Arts (1967). He was a student of the same Animated Film Studio that he began to run in…

  • David Lynch

    Six Figures Getting Sick (Six Times)[edit] Main article: Six Men Getting Sick (Six Times) Six Men Getting Sick (Six Times) (1966). Originally untitled, “Six Men Getting Sick” is a one-minute color animated film that consists of six loops shown on a sculptured screen of three human-shaped figures (based on casts of Lynch’s own head as done by Jack…

  • Jonathon Hodgson

    Jonathan Hodgson is an internationally renowned animation director based in London, he has twice won BAFTAs for Best Short British Animation in 2000 and 2019. He studied animation at Liverpool Polytechnic and the Royal College of Art. After spending 25 years directing commercials he moved to academia, setting up and leading the Animation degree at…

  • Rotoscoping