Research 5.3: Gallery Installations

Review photographic and other documentation of animations that have been
included in gallery installations. Make notes on how the artist has chosen to
install their work, thinking about the format, frame, atmosphere, and audience.
Think about the practical issues of these installations in terms of the equipment
and other objects that were needed, and the duration of the screenings.
Compare the differences in presentation and reflect on how you might apply
these approaches to your own animations.

You can find your own artists or look at the artists suggested, below:
● Benedict Drew (Whitechapel Gallery Exhibit)
● Sondra Perry (Serpentine Gallery Exhibit)
● Jeff Keen (Tate Modern Gallery Exhibit)
● Ryan Trecartin (Moma PS1 Exhibit)
● Harun Farocki (Whitechapel Gallery Exhibit)