Project Tag: photography

  • E1.5: Animorph

    E1.5: Animorph

    TASK: Make a GIF animation of a fruit or vegetable transforming. (approximately 10-20 seconds in length) 1: I Love Peppers Step 1: Experiment and make test photographs Step 2: Whilst taking photographs, make incremental changes to your fruit or vegetable until it has been completely transformed or even destroyed (peel, shave, slice, bite, scratch). This…

  • E1.4: Looped Experiments

    E1.4: Looped Experiments

    This project asked me to produce two quick looped experiments to explore disrupting registration and continuity. Then to my experiments onto my learning log and reflect on the results and consider: how I might ensure continuity in future whether there is a place for disruption as a technique? Tip: Lighting Flicker is the consequence of…