Assignment 3: Animating in situ: The Mosquedocumentary, Cambridge

TASK: Make an animation that responds to a place in some way.Find a particular place or ‘site’ and draw inspiration from it. Make an animation in response to its particular qualities and contexts.You could use a personal, shared or a public space. The type of space and your approach to it is entirely up to […]

E2.2-2.3: Death of a Cabbage revisited: animatic and sound track

Animations can be silent. Early cinema and animation were silent, or intended for live sound/music accompaniment. Video artists like Stan Brakhage have focused on producing animations without sound. However most animation uses sound in different ways to accompany, enhance or contrast/question the visuals. See: Research 1.5 Observing Emotion Research 2.2 Debate on the use and […]

Assignment 1: Death of a Cabbage

TASK: Develop a short finished animation drawing on what you have learned so far.Make a short animated video using movement to express both compelling force and resistance to it.Use the way objects move to express these two very different states. You can extend one of the project films that you have made thus far, or […]