Stop Motion techniques

You Tube Examples

Does a panning diagram mounted on tripod to make panning and other camera movements predictable. Move set instead of character



Persistence of vision only operates at 10-12fps
Uses a grid. Can I make ine to put overnthe ipad screen?
Discusses different framerates for diffeent types of movie: slow/fast movement, size of objects
Overview of different types of Stop Motion: cutout, claymation, object,

The whole production process. Uses two cameras: webcam to use free software for onionskin, but shoots with DSLR.
Introductory overview.
To go from chaos to structure, start with the structure and deconstruct, then reverse frames.
Tether camera to Lightroom, with battery replacement pack, LED lights and remote control.
Camera settings ISO 250, f/6.3 (f/5-f/8) 1/10sec, f/
Framerate 6, 10, 15 FPS for typical SM look.

Stop Motion Studio on iPad

Free SMS on iPhone. Uses pegs to stabilise the the iPhone on a table.
Compares SmS on iPad with DSLR. Main issue is grain. Make sure have good lighting. Can shoot greenscreen then key in AE and overlay on background.