Stop Motion Studio iPad


Do I lock WB/exposure settings. Does that depend how I am bringing objects in and out?

What isvthe best interval timer setting – 15fps? For what types of movement?. Or use remote?

Backdrop/lighting. Pro version has greenscreen.

Looks at frame rate, inbetweens etc
Life lapse on iPhone. Alternative tripods: cup, booksvon chair. Lock White Balance and Aperture to aboid flickering.
Light lapse. Interval timer at 15 sec. then delete any clips where the hand is in. TURN PHONE AUTOLOCK OFF. She is bringing new things on and off. So she locks the settings.
Good basic overview of free Ap. Uses pegs, and gorilla tripod. Keeps all settings on Manual.
Life Lapse. Put camera on book. Need to lock camera oroehtation as well as other settings.

Lego animation

Lighting, sets, subtle motion, camera movement,


Uses masking feature