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    Issues Do I lock WB/exposure settings. Does that depend how I am bringing objects in and out? What isvthe best interval timer setting – 15fps? For what types of movement?. Or use remote? Backdrop/lighting. Pro version has greenscreen. Lego animation Effects Audio

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    You Tube Examples LOOK AT KEVIN PARRY Framerate Stop Motion Studio on iPad

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  • Stop Motion Animation

    Tip: Lighting Flicker is the consequence of variable lighting, but it can disrupt the flow of an animation and break the illusion of movement by drawing the viewers attention elsewhere. Continuity of lighting – lighting levels, direction and colour balance – are important to ensure that when you cut between shots, visual continuity is not…

  • Animation Approaches and Styles

    Types of animation Early animation 2D ANIMATION FLIPBOOKS Animation is a process and the malleability of time is its primary material. ‘Time is what prevents everything from being present all at once’ Henri Bergson. The animator seeks to control at what pace, rhythm and direction things appear. “What happens between each frame is much more…